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ISM would love to announce the newest members of the crew! Teachers Armando, Shirley, and Nicole!   

These incredible instructors are the first slate of new faces as a part of ISM’s expansion of 2 more classrooms! 

Bringing our total to 10 dynamic, multipurpose rooms, we are more equipped than ever to bring a cutting edge experience to music lessons for both private and group programs. 

Come try our choir, teams, duos, and Music Funtime program to feel the enjoyment of learning alongside friends and family!

Teacher Nicole

Flute, Piano, Music Fun Time

Teacher Shirley

Violin, Piano

Teacher Armando

Piano, Voice, Guitar

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Summer Camp Highlights!

We are loving seeing all your wonderful faces during our recent Summer Camps! Here are some highlights we want to feature from the fun-filled week.

We are loving seeing all your wonderful faces during our recent Summer Camps! Here are some highlights we want to feature from the fun-filled week.

Here is Teacher Daniel and his Piano Jump Start Camp during their Show and Tell! Each student was taught their own melodies and was able to join together to create a beautiful song! This is the start to learning how melodies and notes piece together and the importance of timing. Shoutout to teacher Daniel for his awesome day with his students!


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Songwriting Camp

Ages: 8+

Experience: No experience required

Tuition: $250 for 5 day session + recording

Materials: sheet music and recordings included

Schedule: Aug 1-5 / Monday- Friday, 11:00AM-1:00PM

Whether a beginner or advanced songwriter student, hone your lyric writing and composition of effective harmonies and accompaniment in our dynamic Summer songwriting camp! There will be many solo and co-writing songwriting opportunities that will ignite the songwriting fire. Students and parents will love showcasing original works during the final class! Students will be given audio/video recordings of their original work.

Music Production Camp

Ages 7+

Experience: 1 year music lessons

Tuition: $250

Schedule: Aug 8-12 / Monday- Friday, 11:00AM-1:00PM

Materials: Bring your own MacBook laptop with Garage Band and USB flash drive to use in class and for homework.

Learn to write, produce and arrange original music in a variety of styles (classical, pop, electronic, film music), utilizing software programs including Garage Band, MuseScore, and Audacity. Students will create original works in this 21st-century electronic mode while learning how to efficiently use popular music production programs.

Students will learn the following and more!

  1. Score a short animation scene
  2. Program a drum beat pattern
  3. Arrange a simple classical piano piece using virtual strings
  4. Record and mix a spoken sentence and words into the music
  5. Produce an electronic dance music piece

Piano Jump Start Camp

Ages: 5-12

Experience: 0 experience needed

Tuition: $250 including material for 5 day camp, 2 hours/day

Schedule: July 25-29 / Monday-Friday 11:00am-1:00pm

Materials: Instruments will be provided!

Ages: 5-12

An ideal 5 day, 20 hour jump start camp for piano students with little to no experience as we will be covering essential elements and fundamentals of ideal and ergonomic piano technique, note reading with ease, the basics of playing by ear, the basics of improvisation and composition, and fun music of your choice – from Disney, folk, popular, Classical, Rock, and more! Students will even perform for parents during the last class! Keyboard at home is not required but helpful!

Summer Concert Success

We want to thank everyone who participated and attended our past Summer Concert at Vanguard University! We had some amazing performances from our students and are excited to see what the future holds. We hope to see more beautiful faces at our next concert! Here are some highlights from the concert. More photos of family and friends can be found on our Facebook Page!

Upcoming Event!

World Class Concert 2023 THE COLBURN SCHOOL in Los Angeles

We are excited to announce our upcoming World Class Concert in 2023 will be held at The Colburn School of Music in Los Angeles! More Details Coming Soon!


Visit any of our vendors today and mention you are from Irvine School Of Music for premium service and select discounts!

Hollywood Piano

Guitar Center

Weisshaar M and R & Son Violin

Mo's Fullerton Music Center

Adult Student Feature

While your student is here, why not take some lessons for yourself? Or why not pick up a new hobby? Have you always wanted to learn but never got the chance?

Why not?

Here is why we want to feature some of our adult student Ibraiz!

Ibraiz Imani – Enrolled Since 2017

Ibraiz currently takes Saxophone lessons with Teacher Mike! He juggles a very busy life, yet still finds time to fuel his passion every week and shows up to class with a smile. He recently had some exciting changes in his life with a new baby and was able to work out his schedule to give him some balance!

We got a chance to ask Ibraiz some questions about his experience at ISM, and here is what he said:

Q: What are you currently working on in your classes?

A: We are working out of the Rubank intermediate sax method book, learning major scales, and the circle of fifths. I also learned a duet with teacher Mike called “Blue Bells of Scotland”, and we’re working on matching tone and tambre.

Q: What brought you to music lessons in the first place?

A: I love the sax and my wife bought me 4 sax lessons as a birthday present!

Q: As a busy adult student, what role does music play in your life?

A: Music allows me to switch my professional and parental mind off for 45 mins –

I love the sound and it brings me to a relaxing place.

Q: Do you have suggestions for other Adults looking to learn or relearn an instrument?

A: Commit to it and make as much time for it in your busy week. Once you do it, it’s like working out; there’s always reasons not to do it but once you start, you remember how great it feels!

Q: What do you love about you teacher?

A: Teacher Mike has a vast amount of years of experience and I like his teaching style of giving fundamentals but still incorporating songs. I feel like I’m learning it the right way.

Q: What do you love about Irvine School of Music?

A: The teachers – I’ve been here for 4 or 5 years and worked with at least 6 or 7 teachers of quality.

For Adult Students _______________

Soon to be added! Every 8 weeks, there will be a group performance based class for adult students called soiree’s!

New Adult Soiree's are back!

Medal Level Recipients!

Congratulations to our Medal Level Recipients!

Noah Bazgan

ISM Piano

Level 1


Annika Cope

ISM Piano

Level 1


Sia Sarvaiya

ISM Piano

Level 1


Rijuta Maheshbharati

ISM Violin

Level 3


Jaylen Fan


Level 1


Jacob Johnson


Level 1


Charlie Price


Level 1


Aarav Hareesh

ISM Piano

Level 8


Sebastian Hsia