Winter Concert 2023

Saturday 2/4/23 and 2/11/23

Please email for Winter Concert questions and assistance. Thank you!

Newport Lutheran Church

798 Dover Dr, Newport Beach, CA 92663

This concert has opportunities for students of all ages, levels, and instruments!

Saturdays 2/4/23 and 2/11/23 – please follow registration guidelines below for your best concert block.

Dear Irvine School of Music families

We are excited to be presenting our Winter 2023 concerts, on Saturdays 2/4/23 and 2/11/23 with the following times, location, and registration guidelines. This winter concert will not only feature dynamic performance opportunities for soloists and small ensembles, but also special sessions for Music Fun Time, Choir, Intermediate/Advanced students, and Adults Only: Works-in-progress!

Our seasonal concerts are professionally run events, and a special and motivating experience for all students. All ISM students are strongly encouraged to perform in two concerts a year as concert performance is essential to progress. Be sure to participate in masterclasses to get concert ready!

Our Music Fun Time SuperStars concert will feature dynamic group singing and rhythm ensemble numbers, piano solos, piano C Major scale ensembles, flutophone numbers, and a final extravaganza on piano, singing, and rhythm instruments showcasing the breadth and progression of musical learning in the program. You will be dazzled by what our youngsters can do on stage! There will be student on stage demonstrations of concepts learned in the class, and as with all Superstars concert, this will motivate our MFT students to progress at their best during preparation.

Our junior choir will be performing youthful delights, including Bear Necessities, This Land is your land, London Bridge, and I'm a little teapot.

Please note, doors open 15 minutes before your concert time!

SATURDAY #1, February 4, All PM times
  • 1-2 PM Music FunTime Mandatory rehearsal
  • 2-245 PM CHOIR SOUND CHECK and soloists Concert 1 sound check
  • 245-345 Concert 1
  • 345-405 Sound check concert 2
  • 405-505 Concert 2
  • 505-525 Sound check concert 3
  • 525-625 Concert 3
SATURDAY #2, February 11
  • 1-2 PM Music FunTime Concert
  • 2-220 PM Sound check for Intermediate/Advanced Concert
  • 220-330 Intermediate/Advanced Concert
  • 330-350 Sound check for Adult Student Concert
  • 350-450 Adult Student Concert

Music Fun Time students: please sign up for the Music Fun Time concert block AND rehearsal by clicking the “sign up” check box for BOTH rehearsal and concert to the right, then click “submit and sign up” at the bottom of this screen. 

Choir students: please register for choir rehearsal AND concert by clicking the “sign up” check box for BOTH rehearsal and concert to the right, then click “submit and sign up” at the bottom of this screen.

Please reference the email “RSVP for your Choir Concert Registration!” sent to all choir students for additional information as well as info on t-shirts! Please contact the Front Desk if you have any questions.

All non MFT/ Choir students

Do I need to sign up for my teacher’s block? This is optimal if you are a non-pianist. Pianists may sign up for any block unless you are playing a duet with your teacher.

No fret if you don’t see your teacher’s name in attendance but still want to register! Indicate “teacher not in attendance” in the registration box and we will be sure your concert needs are passed onto another talented faculty member to ensure your on stage success.

Concert Blocks 1,2, and 3 are open to students of all ages and levels, in any instrument, although you are encouraged to enroll in the Intermediate/Advanced and Adult Concerts below if you fulfill those requirements. 

Sound Checks 1,2, and 3: please sign up for the sound check immediately prior to your concert blocks if you are a non pianist by selecting BOTH the sound check and concert checkbox of your selected performance time, then selecting “submit and sign up” at the bottom of the page. Pianist entrants sign up for concert block only!

Intermediate/Advanced Concert: This will be a special event designed to bring our int/adv students together and motivate them through excellence in musical study and performance. Session is open to all students in RCM level 1 and above, any instrument. If you are not taking part in RCM and would like to register for this concert, please consult your teacher regarding your level eligibility.

Intermediate/Advanced sound check: please sign up for the sound check immediately prior to intermediate/advanced concert by selecting BOTH the sound check and concert checkbox, then selecting “submit and sign up” at the bottom of the page.

Adults Only: Works in progress! Community is essential to adult learning in music, at any level, and this special event is meant to bring our adults together in a low stress and supportive setting!  We will start with a fun icebreaker and hear our adults’ works-in-progress. This session is open to all students ages 18 and above, across all levels and instruments!

Adults Only: Works-in-progress! sound check: please sign up for the sound check immediately prior to Adults concert if you are a non pianist by selecting BOTH the sound check and concert checkbox, then selecting “submit and sign up” at the bottom of the page.

Please acknowledge the following for each concert sign-up:


Adults Only: Works-in-progress! Registration fee is $25/performer and no ticket sales.

For Concert blocks 1,2,3 and Intermediate/Advanced concerts, concert registration is no registration cost with tickets at $20 per audience number. All performers and audience members under the age of 5 do not require tickets.

For MFT/Choir: All performers will not require tickets, but family members, friends, and any audience members will require tickets at $15 each for Music FunTime and $20 each for Choir. Any audience member age 5 or under may enter free of charge.

As part of concert participation, all performers receive professional photos, faculty concert comments, video recording of the entire professionally run concert, and a special engraved medal at the conclusion of the concert.

As we can only put on our professional run student concerts based on ticket sales, all ticket sales via signup genius registration, and MFT/Choir registrations, are final and non-refundable after 1/2/22 for MFT and 1/15/22 for Choir and all other performers.

You may purchase these pre-sale tickets upon signing up by indicating the total number of tickets you would like to purchase, OR you may purchase at the venue, day of show. Please note many concert blocks will sell out and tickets at the door may be limited.

As this is a relatively new venue, stay tuned for online viewing details!

Registration for Winter 2023 Concerts is now open, and will close on 1/21/23 for 2/4 concerts, and 1/28/23 for 2/11 concerts.

Billing for tickets will be processed as early as the day of your signup and will be processed via your payment method on your family profile.

Please see the map below for directions, and note that parking is free.

Please plan your commute and parking to arrive 15 minutes prior to your rehearsal, sound check, or concert block. All rehearsals, sounds checks, and concerts will start on time and you do not want to miss your sound check or performance opportunity. Doors for all concert sessions will open on time, and we may be able to provide outdoor seating prior to your scheduled block.

Concert attire is tucked in dress shirt, slacks for boys; dress and dress shoes for girls. Adult Only: Works-in-progress performance attire is business casual.

No sneakers, sandals, flip flops, or jeans for all students.

Concerts will start promptly at programmed time and latecomers may miss their performance opportunity.

4 days before the performance, a performer should be running through the piece from beginning to end, and practicing at 2/3 tempo. Mental practice of the entire piece away from the instrument is particularly useful for imagining the type of performance you want to give and strengthening memory. Practicing the day of the performance should focus on warm ups and conserving energy. This means no repeated run throughs during the day of the recital, but mental practice away from the instrument is always great!

Performing takes tremendous concentration for the performers, and any young children who become restless will need to be immediately escorted outside of the recital hall. Students and guardians need to be present the entire duration of the recital.

Students need to bring their music even if they will play from memory as a backup. Needless to say, students need to bring music if they are using it. Additionally, recital halls are known to have air vents that may blow loose leaf pages off a music stand.. All loose leaf sheet music must be in 3-ring binder.