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In-person reopening postponed through July.
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Piano, Guitar, Voice, Drums, Violin & More | 2019 best of Irvine Music School Award

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Thanks Lance Bass for your shout out to our staff, parents, and students for a successful transition to Zoom private and group lessons, free community masterclasses and virtual student concerts!

FREE Community Music Masterclasses!

We are giving away 39 community music masterclasses open to the public! That’s right, FREE.

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Virtual Music Courses
Virtual Music Courses May 2020

Our Zoom private and group online lessons are easy to set up!

We start online as young 18 months in early childhood music (Music FunTime)
as well as online lessons in piano, voice, choir, violin, guitar, drums, saxophone, flute, clarinet, songwriting, and composition!

We’e been teaching since 2004, and since 2015, have been teaching online music students in Japan, China, and throughout Orange County!

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Join from anywhere and check out why our current families love their easy to set up, fun, and effective Zoom lessons!

We cover technique, music you want to learn, theory, even basic composition in our Zoom lessons!

Best of 2019 Irvine School of Music

We are proud to be voted “Best of 2019 Irvine” in the ”
Music School Category of the Irvine Award Program.

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Music Lessons - String Ensemble

Since 2004, the Irvine School of music has been dedicated to providing the finest and most comprehensive music lessons in Orange County. Our mission means empowering students with the tools so their musical voices can shine. In doing so, we help our students reach new heights in their musical goals and build all the problem-solving skills that stem from a love of music. While music-making is always at the heart of the lessons here at Irvine, it is always the individual needs of each student – whether a five-year old beginner, an adult returning to the instrument, or budding artist – that become the focal point of our instruction.


Vanguard University

You are cordially invited to our 2020 Winter Concert on Sunday January 19th, 26th, and February 2nd, at Vanguard University in Costa Mesa, Needham Chapel, an intimate concert venue with beautiful acoustics.

All concert sessions (not sound check or rehearsals) are open to the public and we encourage families to bring friends/family as audience!

Why Choose Us?

We’re a music school that specializes in providing the skills necessary for a lifetime enjoyment of music.

“It is obvious that the Irvine School of Music is providing its students with a first-rate musical education and unique performing opportunities. I look forward to hearing your kids again.”

– Sukhee Kang, Mayor of Irvine (2008-2012)

Here’s what else we value (because you do):

“I wanted to introduce my 3 daughters to music the right way. I visited several different local music schools and decided that Irvine School of Music was the right choice. One daughter is in vocal lessons with Ginger, the other 2 are in piano lessons with Ms. Shirley.”

Delos Santos Family
- Delos Santos Family
Students Midori, Hyli and Jade since 2013

Our lessons are molded to your goals and visions.

We love helping you set those long (or short) term goals and reach them lesson-by-lesson.

Our teachers are the ones you or your children will remember forever.

Many of our teachers are credentialed by California’s top school districts. It means they not only know music, but they know how to teach it.

“It is just a great place! Both of my children love learning piano here. At the same time they are challenged, they also have fun. The instructors are very qualified and skilled.”

Gizela Berreth
- Gizela Berreth
Mother of students Erica and Daniela

“My 3 year old looks forward to seeing Ms. Hallie every week for his “pre-piano” lessons, and is learning the fundamentals of music, such as rhythm and note recognition (i.e. the difference between a quarter note and half note). The way Ms. Hallie teaches these concepts to someone so young is really fascinating.”

- Adrianne Marshack
Adult Piano Student and a Mother

We’re a school of fun, firm and focused teachers.

We empower students with tools so their musical voices can shine, and in doing so, help them develop problem-solving skills for life.

Our skills-based musical curriculum is memorable and fun, and you or your child will love coming to class each week!

We know the challenges that parents and adult students face when searching for the perfect fit, as getting your child to the lesson can sometimes be half the battle. Finding the teacher and program that motivates you or your child is essential to your long-term musical success. Our teachers are memorable and engaging, our programs are personalized to your goals, and we have carefully sequenced performance and enrichment opportunities designed to take your playing or singing to the next level – you or your child will look forward to each and every class… and making each and every note sing!

Call to Discuss your Personalized Curriculum

The Love of Music Leads to A Love of Everything Else

Some findings and research that support our mission here at the Irvine School of Music

  • 66%

    Of music majors who applied to med school were accepted (the highest of any group) in a Lewis Thomas Study

  • 66%

    Improvements were shown in a 10 year study by UCLA. Musicians scored higher consistently, regardless of the standardized test.

  • 22%

    Increase in scholastic performance, attitude and behavior in first graders when they had musical involvement.

  • 27%

    Higher mathematics proficiency scored by elementary school piano students, than their non musical peers.

  • 50 pts

    Higher SAT scores for students involved in music and the arts, in a 1996 SAT study.

Classes 7 days a week – It’s easy to get started!

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Our Happiness Guarantee

Our Happiness Guarantee

Love your lessons, or we’ll find you a better fit!

We want you to feel confident knowing that we value your happiness. With Irvine’s unique Happiness Guarantee, you’ll never have to worry about not finding the right fit, the right instructor or the right instrument at our studio. Once you register for lessons, if after the first lesson you are unhappy with lessons in any way, we will refund you the remaining tuition you had paid minus the first lesson. This means it is essentially a single trial lesson, and the overall advantage of our happiness guarantee program is to save your ongoing lesson time. With over 26 teachers on staff, and a broad selection of private and group classes, supported carefully sequenced enrichment and performance opportunities, our goal is to ensure you are placed with the ideal teacher and program for your needs. At any time during your enrollment with us, if you feel your teacher is not the right fit for you or you want more out of your lessons, we will find you a better fit. We will have a personalized discussion to assess your unique needs and wants and find YOU the right teacher or class every time. We want to make sure that your love of music is always number one, so we make your happiness our guarantee.

Our Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Irvine School of Music teachers qualified?

Of course! The qualifications of our teachers are our first priority at Irvine School of Music. Each teacher has multiple degrees in their field, or are professional musicians (some have performed on the Grammy’s stage with Alicia Keys, while others have been featured on Glee). Our teachers are also not selected only for their qualifications, but for their love of teaching – one of the biggest metrics in selecting the right instructors to inspire and accelerate your child’s learning.

What if my child starts lessons and does not like the instrument?

student’s love of music is what we foster here at Irvine. Whether your child has “begged” to start music lessons on an instrument, or you’ve simply started them for your child, we believe that dedication (one of our 12 Unique Benefits of Music at Irvine) is the key to success. This is why, we suggest a student sticks with the instrument for 2 months before switching. This way, we can see if the instrument just isn’t the right fit, or if it’s just the learning a new instrument jitters many students experience. In every instance, every staff member works with you to help make the right choice and change or help any problems you experience.

What if the student’s and teacher’s personalities don’t mesh well, or the student is dissatisfied?

We always ensure our students and teachers work well together from the very first lesson, and in the rare case they don’t… we simply make the switch to another teacher that’s more aligned with their personality and goals. If you think you may get more out of lessons from a teacher with a different teaching style, we have the flexibility to change you from one private instructor to another private instructor.

How are you different from in-home lessons?

While in-home lessons offer a geographical convenience, students who study at our state-of-the-art facility make substantially greater progress compared to studying at home, where there can be lots of unavoidable distractions and students fall into a much too casual attitude towards music study without the presence of a professional and motivating music school setting.

Our state-of-the-art facility, first-rate musical instruments, and classroom learning tools (music library, music theory games, recording equipment, classroom ipads, and more!) make for an ideal learning environment for music students. Additionally, students feel motivated by seeing their peers progress at the facility, and benefit from participation in our enrichment programs geared towards long-term student success, which are best experienced in a professional musical school setting – these include our 24 medal level curriculum, recording program, workshop performance opportunities, ensemble performance opportunities (Rock band, chamber music, choir, and more!), practice incentive programs, songwriting and composition programs, and opportunities to participate in formal concerts and certification programs.

Our teaching staff also receive ongoing training and professional development at our facility in the most effective musical teaching techniques, which makes for dynamic and engaging music teaching for you!

At our school, we notice that students make progress from being in a focused, spacious and musical environment. If you want to see what makes our studio different, step in for a complimentary tour!

Serving music lessons in the areas of Tustin, CA, Irvine CA, Newport Beach CA, Costa Mesa CA, Orange County, CA.

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