Young Pianists Program, ages 5-8

Our program for young piano students ages 5-8 is in a class by itself.

After years of researching dozens of renowned early childhood piano programs and testing them in hundreds of students, we’ve distilled the most effective elements to create a program guaranteed to give a young student a joyful and strong foundation in piano-playing. The end result is musical proficiency, the beginnings of a virtuosic technique, and a lifelong love for music.

We teach kids this age by the philosophy that their learning styles and needs are to be met through a multi-sensory approach; their understanding of music will expand into positive problem-solving skills, areas of self-expression, the growth of memory skills and excellent self-confidence and self-esteem. With such a skill set children can eventually take on the skills required to read other languages and master other tasks.

We believe music needs to be internalized at this age to lay a cognitive, physical, and emotional foundation; on this foundation, we begin to build the multitude of skills required to play the piano well. Below are some key points about our piano lessons for this age group. Register today so your child can truly experience the magic and fun of our piano program!

A comprehensive program, method books and learning styles:

Unlike teachers who teach solely by method books, our piano program draws inspiration from all facets of musicianship (playing, singing, listening, rhythm instruments) and uses method books only as one of many means to an end. The dogma of adhering to “one of way of teaching” or one method book often will favor only one type of student with this his or her own particular way of learning. Moreover, most teachers don’t understand that the pedagogy of a single concept may require using a variety of learning styles (visual, aural, kinesthetic), and so, we use a lots of cutting edge, multi-sensorial music teaching materials (from rhythm games to teach pulse, to crafts to teach composition) geared towards this age group.

On “Pre-Teaching”

The processes of discovery, and ultimately, explanation of what one has learned are among the most effective means of codifying information in the brain. Therefore, we do not believe in inundating our students with the exact details of how to play a piece. Instead, we believe in pre-teaching, giving them systemically the tools and skills so they can read notes fluently, internalize rhythm, and discover the music on their own.

Early Childhood Composing

The Composition component of our piano program allows children to explore creativity, while being given a foundation on which to build. The students are immersed in musical singing and playing and movement and then guided with suggestions as to the structure that is found in many classical compositions. Children are fulfilled with their own creations – some being very analytical first, followed by creativity, while others create first and then become more cognitive. The composition component of our program enhances the listening component and the theoretical aspects, as well as the enhancement of self-esteem as the children are delighted with their accomplishments.

Just a few of the things your child will learn in our private piano lessons:

    1. Singing games to develop high vs. low, leading to pitch awareness and often perfect pitch (the ability to identify notes simply by hearing them).
    2. Rhythm games with various age-appropriate rhythmic instruments to develop the essential feeling of “rhythm vs. pulse”
    3. Rhythmic dictation with fun crafts from the get-go: the accurate notation of rhythm simply by hearing a rhythmic pattern
    4. Developing a vocabulary of reading patterns as an effective means of fluid note reading. We rarely use mnemonics like “FACE” to help kids read as this leads to vertical reading, which is anti-flow and therefore anti-musical.
    5. The use of all the above to help students understand a piece before they play the first note. This allows them to discover the piece on their own, gives them a sense of ownership, and ultimately wards off frustration.
    6. Healthy Keyboard Technique guaranteed to unlock virtuosity.
    7. The art of composition through a one-of-a kind, age-appropriate method

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