Children’s Choir: Learn singing, the fundamentals of music, and important life skills.

Junior (ages 5-8)
Senior (ages 9-12)

We are thrilled to give your sons the opportunity to sing with our Children’s Choir in 2013 FOR FREE! Call 949.385.2034 for further details.

Some benefits of children’s choir:

  • it’s not just singing; it’s learning about music
  • it teaches kids how to work in a group setting
  • it teaches kids autonomy in a group setting through solos and section leading -it’s developing multicultural awareness by singing different styles of music and in different languages
  • it integrates movement with music, deepening the student’s awareness of the physicality of music-making
  • it’s a weekly group activity with a highly trained and experienced director
  • it’s an affordable alternative to private voice lessons or an enrichment class for private instrumental lessons
  • it’s an opportunity to make new friends
  • it’s an opportunity to perform in public with friends through scheduled community, regional theater, church, and concert events.

About the class:

Our choir program teaches vocal basics in a fun group setting. Students learn proper warm-up and breathing exercises, and an introduction to musicianship, including simple sight-singing, rhythm games, and simple harmony. The choir works on a wide range of musical styles from contemporary Disney and Glee songs to Christmas classics and historical folk songs. Movement, games, and basic choreography add to this fun-oriented program.

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