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Our real vision as a music school

When it comes to teaching music, our vision here at the Irvine School of Music is different. We empower musical voices. That’s why we don’t sell books or rent instruments. It’s why we cater each and every lesson to each and every musician’s unique goals. Our vision is the music, and from the moment you step inside our studio you’ll feel it.

The faculty is committed to teaching the Irvine School of Music Core Curriculum, which is an integration of healthy technique, listening (aural skills) development, and theoretical knowledge. This strong foundation empowers students with the skills to tackle advanced music as well as a variety of musical idioms, including Classical, Jazz, and Pop.

What makes us stand out is our enrichment programs that are geared towards long term success, which include optional sequenced performance opportunities, unique medal-level programs designed to monitor progress from year to year and incentive programs geared towards motivating students with in-home practice.

Each member of our Faculty is carefully selected based on extensive teaching experience and the ability to work with the specific needs of our students. While music-making is at the heart of the lesson, it is always the unique goals of each student – whether a five-year old beginner piano student, an adult voice student, or budding songwriter – that constitute the focal point of instruction.

Teachers that inspire and engage

We have qualified, caring teachers who are university trained. They are credentialed teachers from some of the best school districts in California. This is because we know that often teachers trained in teaching (and not just all of Beethoven’s sonatas) are better at helping musicians, especially children, achieve each one of their goals.

Our teachers know not only how to teach every corner of music, but how to teach it so that you’re eager to learn, love your music lessons and get a musical education that lasts.

There’s a sense of community and camaraderie amongst the faculty as they frequently share teaching tips that have been tried and tested.


Specialist teacher training

In addition to our staff’s extensive teaching experience, our faculty receives ongoing teacher training, from early childhood music education, to effective ways of teaching students with learning disabilities, to effective teaching methods for teenager and adults.

Credentials that matter for your musical education

Our Faculty has obtained affiliated school district credentials and university degrees – many with Master’s or even Doctorate degrees in their area of specialization – from many distinguished and well respected community school districts and conservatories:

“Teaching and providing the skills for a lifetime is our focus. Enjoyment of music is our mission.”

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Some of the lessons we offer:

Piano Lessons that Unlock Virtuosic Technique from the very beginning! In our piano lessons at the Irvine School of Music, special emphasis is placed on teaching the building blocks of a virtuosic technique free of tension and limitations – whether you’re a 4 year old starting piano for the first time or advanced, college-level pianist!

Guitar Lessons at the Irvine School of Music are tailored
to the student’s interests: our versatile faculty can help students play in a variety of styles including rock, jazz, classical, blues, pop, Spanish, and chording.

Voice Lessons at the Irvine School of Music give students a healthy
vocal technique to sing in any style of the student’s choice, including Pop, Classical, and Broadway.

Violin Lessons at the Irvine School of Music start as young as age 4 can be taught in the Suzuki method, traditional method, or combination of both.

The Children’s Choir at the Irvine School of Music provides students ages 5 above a strong vocal and musical foundation, and helps them build essential teamwork and social skills. Students are exposed to a variety of music in this fun group setting, including pop, folk, Glee, and multicultural songs in foreign languages.

Preschool Piano and Music classes are for children ages 3 to 5. These music lessons include a variety of percussive instruments (drums, glockenspiel), stories, pictures, animals personifying various musical concepts, and games to stimulate the interest of the student. Learning transitions into piano through a groundbreaking early childhood piano curriculum.

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Why Choose The Irvine School of Music over any other music school?

  • We have unmatched convenience with flexible classes offered 7 days a week
  • Our qualified, caring faculty are university-trained and include credentialed teachers from local school districts with a passion for teaching music.
  • Our Core Curriculum is both fun and challenging and matches your goals!

Our Happiness Guarantee

Love your lessons, or we’ll find you a better fit!

We want you to feel confident knowing that we value your happiness. With Irvine’s unique Happiness Guarantee, you’ll never have to worry about not finding the right fit, the right instructor or the right instrument at our studio.

With over 26 teachers on staff, and a broad selection of private and group classes, supported carefully sequenced enrichment and performance opportunities, our goal is to ensure you are placed with the ideal teacher and program for your needs.

At any time during your enrollment with us, if you feel your teacher is not the right fit for you or you want more out of your lessons, we will find you a better fit. We will have a personalized discussion to assess your unique needs and wants and find YOU the right teacher or class every time.

We want to make sure that your love of music is always number one, so we make your happiness our guarantee.

What are others saying about the Irvine School of Music?

  • Lessons that foster success in advanced music education…

    “It is because of the piano program at the Irvine School of Music that I have been successful in the music program at UCI.”

    – Alex Fong

    Undergraduate Student, UC Irvine

  • Customized lessons for every student’s goals…

    “I have a strong interest in composing besides playing. At the Irvine School of Music, my weekly lessons were customized so that I could learn both skills in a mutual enhancing way. ”

    – Jingfeng Wang

    Adult Piano Student

  • Talented staff and diversity in knowledge…

    “The Irvine School of Music is a amazing school with talented staff and diversity of music programs. Their mission is to instill in their students a natural appreciation of music by teaching them in innovative ways beyond the routine of practice.”

    – Brenda Campos

    Mother of Jonathan and Suzie

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