Summer Concert 2022

Saturday, June 18th

Vanguard University – Needham Chapel

55 Fair Dr, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Hello ISM Students and Families!

We are so excited that our in-person 2022 Summer Concert is coming up quickly on June 18th! Here is some important information to make note of:

Soundcheck & Concert Student List

Please note, doors open 15 minutes before your concert time!


  • 2:00-2:45pm (Sound Check)

  • 3:00-4:00pm (Concert Block: A)

  • 4:15-5:45pm (Concert Block: B)

All families, please see your concert block time, and if listed, assignment to sound check below; please note your sound check assignment is essential to successful web broadcast and mic’ing. Please plan on staying the entire duration of your concert block as well as soundcheck. For sound check participants, all parents must wait in seating outside Needham Chapel so we can properly, and without interruption, run the sound tech logistics. Your child may be released early, so please do not leave the Chapel area! For questions, please text our concert coordinator at (714)-900-2847.

Thank you, and we look forward to your student’s shining moment on stage!

The ISM Faculty and Staff


Tickets for the concert will be $20 per guest who attends in person, and will be available for pickup at the event. If you have not yet purchased tickets, you may do so by calling our Concert Coordinator at 714-900-2847 or you may purchase them at the door on the 18th (payment is only through family accounts on file). Online viewing will be available on Facebook and is free of charge, so you can invite as many friends and family to view as possible. Scan the QR code below for the Facebook event page!

Tickets include a beautiful concert medal, professional photos, video/live stream of performance to zoom/facebook live, and recorded video of this beautifully run, professional event – the ticket is also a great piece of memorabilia!

$5 per vehicle. Permits can be obtained at the kiosk strategically placed within the parking lots. You can’t miss them. Free parking in the lot at your risk!

To gain access to Lot M, you will need to enter from the Fair Drive entrance at the light that leads into City Hall, as well as Vanguard. Please note that guests are not permitted to park in the City Hall parking lot as they will be subject to being fined and towed. Vanguard University will not be held responsible if an incident of such nature occurs.

Please plan your schedule to accommodate commute and parking as concert sessions will start promptly and doors will open 15 minutes beforehand.


For the concert, masks are recommended to be worn while in the audience. Upon entering the stage area, your student will remove their mask to perform, and it will remain off for the duration of their performance.


There will also be temperature checks and sanitizer used upon entering the performance, in addition to regular cleaning of the instruments after each performance!

At 4 days before the performance, a performer should be running through the piece from beginning to end, and practicing at 2/3 tempo. Mental practice of the entire piece away from the instrument is particularly useful for imagining the type of performance you want to give and strengthening memory. Practicing the day of the performance should focus on warm ups and conserving energy. This means no repeated run throughs during the day of the recital, but mental practice away from the instrument is always great!

Performing takes tremendous concentration for the performers, and any young children who become restless will need to be immediately escorted outside of the recital hall. Students and guardians need to be present the entire duration of the recital.

Tucked in dress shirts and slacks for boys; dresses and dress shoes for girls. No sneakers, sandals, flip flops, or jeans for all students. Recitals will start promptly at programmed time and latecomers may miss their performance opportunity.

Students need to bring their music even if they will play from memory as a backup. Needless to say, students need to bring music if they are using it. Additionally, recital halls are known to have air vents that may blow loose leaf pages off a music stand. We recommend putting music in a binder. 

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