Please Ground your Zoom Device to Router with an Ethernet Now!

Please enhance the lesson experience for your student and teacher by doing the following – this technique makes it possible for teachers to hear and see nuances as if you are in the same room!

Ground your device to the router with Ethernet. Ethernet cables at 100 ft long are about $14, and the connector from Ethernet to computer or Ethernet to tablet/iPhone is $20-$30. Here are some recommendations:

Zoom Best Practices:

Best practice for parents/adult students to set up Zoom device:

  • Be as close to the router as possible if you cannot hardwire to your Zoom device, although hardwire is ideal as it will produce amazing video and audio results!
  • Have more than one device available – we’ve found some iPhones/tablets work better than computers and vice versa – if initial device isn’t working well, having a back up device will make better use of lesson time in case there are technical issues
  • Be in a quiet space without sound distractions as Zoom settings requires this for best lesson sound
  • All apps on computer closed besides Zoom
  • All other activities on Network paused during lessons – no Netflix, streaming, or other computers on the WiFi
  • Voice and Winds – students should be 3 to 6 feet away from the device for best sound
  • For Piano set ups, the device should be 2.5 feet to the right or left of piano keys, 2.5 ft in front of the keys at the R/L location, 2.5 feet above level of keys looking down to give a clear hand/finger view – here is an example:

Computer Distance from Piano

  • One of our teachers purchased a floor stand from Amazon to hold her iPad steady at an ideal angle where her students are able to see her piano and hands. It is a great option for positioning your device! See the stand here.

Zoom Download iPad and iPhone Walk-through:

Lessons Coordinator Natalie created videos for our families showing how to set up a Zoom account!

Here are the videos for the Laptop and iPad. Please plan your Zoom setup accordingly, the recommended time is 5 minutes before your lesson:


Here is a video regarding how to upload your completed practice sheets and your sheet music to your Teachers Google Drive Folder:

Your Practice Charts, Video Recordings of Lessons, and Complimentary Zoom Technical Consultation:

We are also going to be uploading video recordings from your online lessons to your teachers Google Drive Folders, and your teachers will be uploading practice charts. If you have any questions about this please let us know!

If you would like to schedule a Complimentary Consultation for Zoom technical support, please reach out. We would be happy to give you a call and walk you through this new online setup.

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